SQL Integrator has moved!

SQL Integrator has moved to her new offices! As per January 1st we have relocated to the Arrarat Bridge Offices.



Considering our growth over the past few years and taking into account our ambitions we have been looking at several different options that could accommodate our current and future needs before settling for nothing less than this beautiful prime location.


Office View

We would like to request you to update our address, phone- and fax numbers to the following:

SQL Integrator

Arrarat Bridge Offices

Berg Arrarat z/n

P.O. Box 3792


Phone:        (599) 9 461-2442

Fax:            (599) 9 461-4555


The new address and phone details also apply to the Decos Caribbean business unit.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at our new premises and sharing with you our views from the office as well as our views on IT!


SQL As Your Partner

By combining our broad experiences and accumulated knowledge of Business Processes,  Financial Management and Information & Communication Technology, we are able to expertly translate your demands into solid, reliable as well as flexible IT solutions.


SQL Integrator

SQL Integrator (1992) is Curaçao’s premier IT Solutions provider.

SQL Integrator offers her customers tailor-made solutions and consultancy based on Oracle and Java web-technology.